Dr.Golden’s professional writings have included columns in Sixteen and Penelope and Letters magazines, as well as other regional newspapers and magazines, including the New York Times, Record, Suburbanite, New Jersey Singles.


Writers Cramp Productions

Screenwriter and creative director of Writer’s Cramp. As such, Dr. Golden has written several full-length animated features, The Ark, and The Glorious Easter Eggs.  Two of the most important events in man’s history, the Great Biblical Flood, and the Easter celebration are presented in a fascinating, joyful and a beautiful animation.  The scripts appeal to both children and adults. Never has there been such a unique take on both momentous events. The Ark features the life saving heroics of the famous Biblical Dove and the Raven, while the renowned Easter Bunny and his Glorious Easter Eggs, allows the movie audience to experience the beauty of the worlds most famous artists.


Reflections of A Shrink

Dr. Golden’s collection of essays is entitled, Reflections of a Shrink. Essays that touch on our most intimate feelings and fantasies but all seen through the reflections of many years as a Clinical Psychologist. From the layettes of infancy and the celebration of birth to the loneliness of dying, Dr. Golden captures the essence of life’s fleeting joys, and sorrows, but always with a spirit of good-will, hope, and his ever present touch of humor.


Overweight is a Family Affair

A revolutionary approach to weight control, in his forthcoming book, Overweight is a Family Affair. The bedeviling issues of the obese child are no longer the burden of the child, but appropriately the concern of one’s entire family. Not another dietary manual, but rather a complete family based program that accurately places all the concerns about weight control in the hands of parents and children alike. A child’s will power is no longer seen as the road to health, but rather the joint efforts of the entire household hold the key to health and well-being.


Dr. Golden’s television appearances include ABC's Good Morning New York; NBC's John Davidson Show; Arts & Entertainment Network's Women's Day. Dr. Golden has been a frequent guest on Court TV's Both Sides, and Court TV with Nancy Grace.

The Dr. Tom Golden Show

Dr. Golden was the producer and the host of “The Dr. Tom Golden” cable show. The live talk show featured invited guests, studio audiences as well as phone-in callers. Shows featured such topics as: Death and Dying, Divorce-Yesterday and Today, Why Abortion, Child Sexual Abuse, Occupational Starting Over, Looking for a Good Marriage, Eating Disorders, Intermarriage – Racial and Religious and the Rights of Grandparents.



As a singer and actor, Dr. Golden has performed in radio, television, Broadway road shows, niteclubs and summer stock. He was featured in the lead role of Birdie in two national road companies of Bye, Bye, Birdie. Performed the male leading roles in, L’il Abner, Say Darling, and The Bells are Ringing. Dr. Golden is the lead singer of “The Doctors.” A unique entertainment group composed of a Shrink, Pharmacist, Opthamologist, and Chiropractor. The CD, Tom Golden Sings for the Joy of It, is available at no cost.