A Different Rainbow

Kg. Class. Teacher, Mrs. Hack, age 59. Group of students. The children are about 5 years, 6 months of age.

Jason,  Black.
Michelle,  Black.
Mary Lu,  White.
Mike, White.
Jeff, Brown
Sonia,  Brown
Sue, Yellow

Mrs. Hack;  Good Morning children.
Children: Good Morning Mrs. Hack.
Mrs. Hack: Today, we are all together to talk about color.
Jason: Oh, good. Can we paint. Can we?
Loretta: Can we?
Mrs. Hack: Oh, not painting. We are going to talk about our colors.
Jeff: I love green. That’s my best color.
Mrs. Hack: Children, we all have a color.
Sonia: I’m brown.
Michelle: Me, me I’m black.
Mrs. Hack: Good. That’s good.
Mike: White. I’m white. Just like you, Mrs. Hack.
Mary Lu: Me too!
Mrs. Hack: Yes, Mike, I am white. And Sue, what color are you?
Sue: What?
Mrs. Hack: Sue, what color are you?
Sue: Oh. They say yellow. But not real.
Mrs. Hack: Sue, that’s right. You are yellow, but not real yellow.
Michelle: I am real black. Real.
Jason: Me too.
Jeff: Sue, you look like Mrs. Hack.
Mrs. Hack: Well, sort of, but not really Jeff.
Jeff: O.K.
Sue: Mrs. Hack, my Mother says I am Chinese.
Mrs. Hack: Of course Sue. You are Chinese, and also Yellow.
Sue: But…
Mrs. Hack: Sue, don’t cry.
Sue is tearing.
Jeff: You look like Mrs. Hack.
Jason: I know you are Chinese.
Mrs. Hack: Children, let’s have a snack. (Embaces Sue).
Sue and Mrs. Hack go to the front desk, while the rest of the children go to the snack table in the rear of the room.




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