A Role Model…

As citizens of the United States we look to our President as a role model. In particular, we look forward to the President to present a role model for our children, and for children yet born. President Donald Trump offers a unique role model for our children. In several important areas of life, the President has offered the following paths for our children to follow. Some modelling will have to wait until you are 18 or older.   If you happen to be walking on Fifth Ave in New York City, and old enough to carry a gun, you can shoot a person and walk on, with no fear of retribution.
  If you happen to be attracted to a woman, feel free to grab the women in her private parts.
  If you are needy of sexual stimulation, find an available porn star.
  If you are offended by a person with physical defects, mock them and they will go away.
  If you do not know an answer to a question, you can make up an answer, It’s o.k.
  If someone asks you a question, and you do not want to answer, just call the person stupid or nasty.
  If you made a promise to today to a friend, you can deny the promise tomorrow.
  What you think is more important, than any facts.
  If your parents are immigrants, do not tell anyone.
  If you do commit a crime, and the President hears about it, and he likes you, he will pardon you.
  If sometime in your life you get a summons from a Court, just ignore it. No problem.



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