Donald looks under skirts.
Donald touches thighs, and slowly reaches pubic area.
Donald touches a breast, while touching arms, while touching a thigh, while touching….
Donald talks dirty to woman.
Donald walks into ladies dressing room.
Donald stares at naked teen age girls in dressing room.
Donald suggests that he will have or get a woman.
Donald tells woman she is his. Ignores refusals.
Donald pushes his body against woman’s body.
Donald gives unannounced kisses – some with tongue, some just on lips.
Donald touches pubic area.

BUT!!!!!!! And this is very important.
Donald never has intercourse with anyone but his wives.
Donald never shows his penis.
Donald never bares a breast.
Donald never puts his fingers on a vagina.
Donald never removes a woman’s clothing.

In fact, Donald Trump does not have ‘sex’ with strangers. You know, like real ‘sex’.

Donald is 13 going on 14…..




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