As the professional game of football became more and more of a passing game, there was a need to protect the quarterback. The teams recruited big, I mean big men to build a wall to protect the quarterback. Today some of the lineman weigh as much as 350 to 380 pounds. Today there is a major epidemic of obesity in the United States. About 40% of Americans are obese. The obesity in men averages about 198 pounds, and in women the average is 171 pounds. WANTED: EMPLOYMENT POSITION: ADULT MALES WEIGHING 198 OR MORE POUNDS, AND ADULT FEMALES WEIGHING 171 OR MORE POUNDS. LOCATION: YUMA ARIZONA BORDER WITH MEXICO. TEMPORARY POSITION. ROOM AND BOARD PROVIDED. JOB REQUIREMENT; ABILITY TO STAND AT LOCATION FOR 4 HOURS A DAY FOR FIVE DAYS. APPLICANTS APPLY TO : BORDER WALL USA , P.O. BOX 143, AUSTIN TEXAS, 34509



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