Bi-Partisan vs. Bi-Sexual…

One is good and one is bad. Well, not bad as in must never do again. Just bad as in not nice, unnatural and try to stop.

Bi-Partisan suggests that one has an open mind. To be Bi-Partisan invites communication, empathy and perhaps even friendship.

A Partisan is seen as stubborn, biased, unforgiving, close-minded and worst of all, WRONG! (explanation is several paragraphs below).

Bi-Sexuals do not carry the burden of political ideology. Bi-Sexuals are singularly focused upon the ideas and actions of a sexual nature. Bi-Sexuals are rarely questioned as to their political opinions. Once a person is identified as Bi-Sexual their political opinions are of no interest. To be announced as Bi-Sexual leaves no room for any other concern other than sexual behavior. Should the Bi-Sexual announce their political views, the conversation immediately turns to the fascinating duality of sexual intimacy.

For most Bi-Partisans, homosexuality is easier to assimilate than is Bi-Sexuality. To be “Bi” anything is disconcerting. We seek consistency, regularity, predictability and recognizable patterns of behavior.  

Considering all that I have written up to this point (please stay with me) and in conclusion, I am in favor of partisan politics. Partisan politics reveals character, viewpoints, personal history, biases, prejudices, and profound commitments. Partisan polemic allows us to realize the meaningless of such phrases as ‘my dear Friend from Georgia’, or my Honorable Senator Doe, or my Dear Colleague on the other side of the aisle. Other side of the aisle is code for ‘other side of the tracks, or wrong side of town, or just *&^>?$#+!@>:+*&@.

Partisan commentary allows us to hear the unvarnished, unadulterated principles that characterize a political figure.  The partisan comments announce the heart-felt biases, and systemic private allegiances of the politician. The truth and nothing but the truth, so help my prejudices. We should welcome the partisan perspective in order to better understand the opponent. We should demand complete partisan expression, since only then can we accurately assess the person, and run for cover, or attack as only a partisan can.

Be wary of the politician who is devoted to bi-partisan rhetoric. Such politicians have an appeal in that they seem to favor progress, and to avoid gridlock. They appear to seek consensus, cooperation, and accommodation. Remarkably such a politician appears to have rid himself of familial history, cultural influences and color perception? Such politicians may say that they have no problem with Bi-Sexuals. When they do, check your calendar, and note how soon is the next election.



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