Civics 101

Lesson # 1: In Washington, D.C., important men and women tell what they think about America. Some are Republicans and others are Democrats. Some are just alone.
Lesson # 2: Most of the time, the Republicans and the Democrats do not agree on anything.
Lesson # 3: Even though they argue a lot, they say they are good friends.
Lesson # 4: They say they like each other, but they are not allowed to sit next to each other.
Lesson # 5: Sometimes the Democrats and the Republicans like the President, and sometimes they don’t like the President.
Lesson # 6: The Supreme Court Judges don’t really love anyone, and some are going to die.
Lesson # 7: The President cannot be arrested even if he breaks a law.
Lesson # 8: There are three parts to the government. One part is the President. Another part is the Congress, and one more is the Supreme Court.
Lesson #9: The President is very important, almost a boss.
Lesson #10: Republicans and Democrats, and others make the Congress.
Lesson #11: The Congress can tell the President what to do.
Lesson # 12: The President never has to listen if he/she does not want to listen.
Lesson # 13: Sometimes, the Supreme Court can tell the President to listen to the Congress. The President still does not have to listen.
Lesson # 14: This lesson is very, very important. I almost forgot. In America we have a Constitution. It was written many years ago.
Lesson # 15: The Supreme Court knows everything about the Constitution.
Lesson # 16: The Constitution is the most important law in America.
Lesson # 17: If the President, the Congress and the Supreme Court cannot agree about a law, then the answer is in the Constitution.
Lesson # 18: The answer is there, but sometimes not so easy to figure out.
Lesson # 19: The nine Supreme Court Justices can stay until they die.
Lesson # 20:  Not much today. Enjoy your vacation. Try and read a book!




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