Cottage Cheese and Chives

I reached for the container of Crowley’s Large Curd Cottage Cheese. That was to be my lunch. I opened the vegetable drawer and looked for the scallions. None. There were no scallions. Large curd cottage cheese requires diced scallions. A feeling of loss, yes, more than disappointment. A dash of salt, and crushed pepper would not do.

Chives! I could use chives. Not as pungent, but an excellent replacement for the scallions. I opened the cutlery drawer and took a pair of scissors. I immediately went to a garden patch in front of the house. In the early spring, we always had chives. They were perennial. I scanned the patch, and there was a bunch of fresh, vivid green chives.

Desire: a strong feeling of wanting to have something or wishing for something to happen. Cottage cheese and chives….

Tom Golden, May 2018.



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