The screen hangs just behind your forehead, between your frontal lobe, and your skull bone.  When the movie is playing you are amazed, bewildered, terrified, joyous, despairing, tormented, hysterical and at times dying – but never dead! The movie seems to last forever, but at times it is a fleeting scene. Black and white, or glorious color. Silent, or loud.  Sometimes music that you know, and other times music of unknown origin. Many scenes repeat ad nauseum, and others are lost forever. The locations and sets are too numerous to list, and the characters, whether animal or human are both real or imagined, and sometimes seem to be both.

As the movie screen is such an intimate part of your being, so is the movie. A unique movie brought to the screen by you. You the director, the producer, the actors, the sets, the sound, the music, the sun, moon, stars, Mothers, Fathers, Gods, and every inhabitant of Noah’s Ark – plus some dinosaurs. Whatever occurs on that screen is your creation. You are totally in control of the movies content, even parts of the script that cause you much pain.

For the moment, I will offer a brief example of your movie, and your role in it. Just imagine a simple scene of and you are sitting in a Carvel store. Clearly you recognize yourself, but you must understand that you are also the vanilla Carvel, the sugar-cone, the store, the lights, the clerk, the cash register, the credit card, as well as the cute tabby cat sitting in the back corner of the shop. Suddenly, an elephant is standing on the sidewalk just outside of the store. Seated on the elephant is your Grandmother, Becky. She is blowing on a trumpet, and the music you hear is a piece by Vivaldi. Once again do not forget that you have created all that you see and hear, including Grandma Becky,  the elephant, sidewalk,  and Vivaldi.

There is no denying that you have created every aspect of the scene.  Who else could display that scene on your screen hanging in your head?  Thoughts are yours alone, as are feelings and such is the case with your dreams.

Now comes the difficult part, that is the Interpretation of your Dream.  While you are the writer, and performer, the movie presents such complexity of script, dialogue, set, character etc., that do not allow for immediate interpretation. You must give alot of thought to explain why you would produce such a movie. It will not be easy, but you own it!



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