Hannibal Lecter Re-Visited..

A fictional character whose evil is unequalled in cinema history. Fictional, but clearly human. Hannibal’s behavior excluding the leather mask, and terrifying laughter is not that bizarre. Clearly with nearly 8 billion, there is at least one if not more clones of Hannibal Lecter. Evil does not require theatrics. Evil is often disguised as simple meanness, ill-will, belittling, insults, and distain. When evil prevails, we feel it – we know it, but still we are inclined to rationalize its existence. Sometimes it is just an uncontrolled emotional outburst, or not meant. “He just tells it like it is”, or “His guts tells him…” Often the evil is discounted as an opinion. “It’s just my opinion, what’s the big deal. I have a right to my opinion”.**

Fortunately, the excesses of Hannibal Lector are rarely suffered by most persons. But when we hear or see evil from a meaningful person, we cannot avoid the punitive consequences. When that person is the President of the United States, we cannot withstand the angst. When evil is a character trait of the most powerful person in the world, we cannot suppress the apprehension and terror.

One might disagree with characterizing the President as evil. One need not share the evil opinion, but the fear generated is too palpable to be denied. Many persons who voted for the President will not admit to their support. The refusal to admit to their support is borne in that same fear that the rest of us feel. Trump supporters freely state that “ I don’t like some of the things he says, “ or “ sometimes he says things that are nasty, but everyone does that.”  They know, as we know that evil is not very nice.

Tom Golden, 2020

**Congress must pass an amendment to the Constitution that disallows opinions. Regardless of the responder, opinions are to be forbidden, if all that is offered is an unadorned opinion.



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