The alleged gunman Dylann Roof shot 9 persons to death, and wounded several others. Dylann and the others were participating in a religious study group located in a church in Charleston, South Carolina.

Before I go any further, I must offer my praise to the apparent good-will, and Christian fellowship offered by the Black parishioners in that group. These are persons that deserve our admiration and respect. Truly innocent in their acceptance of Dylann while he sat with the group for one hour, and only then did he begin to murder the Blacks, while spouting cruel racist claims.

How bizarre to share communion with the devil? How vicious was the mindset of Dylann, as he listened to their conversation and readings. Dylann has since the arrest stated that he had second thoughts about killing the Blacks, but he needed to do it. He just had to do it – these Blacks rape white women, and these Blacks take away our country –“You have to go.” Was the motive hate, terrorism inclinations or perhaps a brain tumor. A brain tumor that finally overcame morality and fear of punishment.

Perhaps not a brain tumor, but rather years of parental training to hate Blacks. How we hope that he was mentally deranged – just plain nuts! “A monster.” If a tumor, who are we to blame. The “tumor” made me do it! If familial training then we must immediately arrest his parents as accomplices to the crime, and perhaps (G-D forbid) the Grandparents, teachers, neighbors, and other South Carolina citizens.

A possible 21 Century culprit is the mass media, particularly the Internet. The Internet that allows every type of bigotry to prosper. The Internet presents substantial content to generate distain for any race, ethnicity, religion and sexual orientation. But, how does the Internet information produce a 21 year old, unemployed, gun toting white man, and bible reading participant in a famous church in Charleston, South Carolina.

Who knows, and who cares? What! Who cares? The entire nation cares, starting with our Black President, and ending with you. All that caring. All that concern. To what end? Least we forget (I am certain that my readers have not forgotten) Ferguson, Tamir Rice (age 12), CameroTillman (age 14) and on and on. We are drowning in killing, maiming with no respite!

Now public commentators, and political persons all hail the need for forgiveness, reconciliation, understanding, “coming together”, disallow hate and revenge, even a call for a national dialogue. Multiple suggestions for Blacks and Whites to come together and speak to one another. That Blacks and Whites need to speak to one another suggests that such communication could produce a clarity of views, expression of needs and an appreciation of the differences.

The very suggestion that Blacks and Whites need to talk together reveals a total misunderstanding of the problem. Blacks do not need to dialogue with racist Whites. Blacks do not need to converse with Whites who systemically carry a sense of superiority. Blacks are not the problem in America. Native Indians were not the problem for White pilgrims, nor western settlers. Jews in Europe could talk their heads off with the superior race of German Arians, before they were sent to take a shower. A massive, caring gathering at St. John’s the Devine, or Mt. McKinley, or the Hill at Calvary will not help.

Thousands of small town hall meetings can be organized, but make certain that you require alternate seating, i.e. white – black – white – black, etc.etc. More importantly, make certain that there is plenty of coffee and donuts, and more than one bathroom. At the meeting I would disallow any conversation. Just sit next to one another for 18 minutes, have your snack and leave. Set the next meeting for the following week, and once again, no conversing, just sitting next to one another for 36 minutes. Count how many persons return, and were they white or black.



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