I Lost Suzanne

“I heard about Suzanne, Tom. I’m sorry about your loss.”

I have forgotten the year. I remember the day. I remember the day since it was a leap year. That meant it was the 29th of February. After some research the year was likely 1996.

It was a Thursday morning. Suzanne slept in a hospital bed that I had installed in our living room. I lay next to her on a lounge chair. I awoke and turned to her. She was asleep. I moved close to her. I heard a sound, a faint, soft sound of her breath. It was her last breath.

I did not lose Suzanne. Had I lost Suzanne, I would be searching to this very moment. I would never stop my search. No, I did not lose Suzanne. Suzanne died on Thursday morning, February 29, 1996.



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