In Other Words…

When the President says, I can grab or touch a woman’s genital area, he is only saying that he likes women, and he is very playful. He loves the company of pretty women. He marries good looking women. The President is not a pervert. He’s just one of the guys.

When the President says, Mexicans are rapists, he is only saying that some Latin guys are rough on women. He knows that all Mexicans are not rapists. He is not stupid, just a little jealous of Latin sexuality. He likely believes that Stella lusted for Stanley Kowalski in Street Car Named Desire.

When the President describes some nations as “shitholes”, he is only referring to things like excessive poverty, starvation, disease, sanitation. He is not damning the entire population of those countries. It is like saying; “that place is a dump”, or “how could anyone live there?”, or “what a f–kin mess!” Donald is not demeaning the people. Sometimes he exaggerates – big deal!!

When the President says the press offers “fake news”, he only means that too often the press doesn’t tell the whole story, that is biased reporting. When the press reported that George Stephanopoulos was a presidential advisor on foreign matters, Donald would rather the press say: “Georgie spent a lot of time in Brazil pricing coffee for the army.”

 Donald would prefer that the news was not reported at all. For Donald there are many views on any story. Like when someone gets killed by a racist, there is the killer and the victim. There is a story about the killer, and a story about the victim. The killer may be bad, but who knows. The victim may be bad. Donald is very accommodating, and good natured. Just ask him!

We need to listen to the unspoken Donald Trump to know how he really feels. We know that when he says what he may do, he immediately says, and maybe I won’t do what I just said I may do. Sometimes he is only “messin.” No one, not even the President wants to be called a liar. Donald is offended, and rightly so. As I said, Donald is just one of the guys.

Tom Golden, January 2019



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