Flake asks for a delay. A delay of the vote. A limited time delay. A very limited time delay. It is only fair to have a delay in the vote for Brett Kavanaugh. Not only should there be a delay, but the FBI, that is the Federal Bureau of Investigation should investigate the charges. Which charges? The charges that the President tells them to investigate. Who should be investigated about the charges? Ask the President. How long should be the delay? Ask the President or ask Senator McConnell. Senator McConnell knows how long the delay should be. Sen. Flake just wants a delay. A reasonable delay, with a reasonable FBI investigation. Everyone is very reasonable – almost congenial – or as the President would say, almost conjugal.

Conversation in the Senate building hallway. The woman, Harriet is from Ellenville, New York, and the man, Paul is from Lake Forest, Illinois.

Harriet: Say Paul, is there any official that has the strength of character – so they say no time constraints. Who can say all persons demanding a voice will be heard.
Paul: How many persons?
Harriet: Who knows?
Paul: But if the number is large, what do they do?
Harriet: They extend the ‘delay’.
Paul: But how long will the ‘delay’ be – how long?
Harriet: We shall see.
Paul: You say, “Who knows?” “We shall see”. Nothing is clear. No limit on time for the investigation, or the number of persons testifying, or the relevance of their testimony. We cannot run a government with such indecision. The nation needs a new Justice. They have a decision that must be made. It’s helpful to have time constraints, and witness limits.
Harriet: Okay, I grant you that there must be some order to the investigation. The President, Senator McConnell and Schumer should meet and agree about the focus of the investigation, the issue of time, and the number of witnesses.
Paul: They can’t do that.
Harriet: Why not?
Paul: It’s the Presidents job. The President is the commander of the Justice Department. The FBI is part of the Justice Department. The President has the constitutional authority to order an investigation by the FBI, and every part of the investigation.
Harriet: So?
Paul: Well, that means the President can decide exactly what the FBI staff can do, and not do.
Harriet: That’s not right. Are you certain about the President and the FBI?
Paul: Yes. Absolutely certain. What’s more, you and I cannot know what instructions the President has given the FBI.
Harriet: You’re kidding. You can’t be serious. This is America.
Paul: Harriet, I’m not kidding. Furthermore, when the report is written, only the Senators, and some aides can read the report.
Harriet: No way!
Paul: One thing more. Only one copy – do you hear me. Just one copy will be made available to the Senators and aides. The copy is read in a secured room. Each Senator will have a fixed time to read the copy of the report.
Harriet: Why one copy? I mean this is getting dumb. Why are the aides in the room? Who the hell are the aides? Do the Senators need aides to read a report? This is unbelievable. Really, I can’t believe what you are saying.
Paul: Well, get this. When the Senators have read the report, they and their aides cannot say anything about the content of the report.
Harriet: Nothing?
Paul: Absolutely nothing.
Harriet: Forever?
Paul: Who knows. Maybe after the nomination is over, or after the election in November.
Harriet: Leaks. What about leaks?
Paul: Let’s hope so.
Harriet: Is there anything a Senator can do?
Paul: Of course.
Harriet: What?
Paul: Senators can just say NO! No to every demand. No to the time delay. No to the limit on charges. No to the limit on witnesses. And if the no is ignored – don’t participate for one more moment. Don’t attend any sessions. Do not vote on any issue. Do not engage in what you know is a sham – a political maneuver to suggest legitimacy. Just say no, and act on that no. Do not even read the FBI report.
Harriet: Well decisions will be made without them.
Paul: That’s true.
Harriet: But what good is that?
Paul: You asked what good is it that they say no?
Harriet: Yes, I do not understand.
Paul: Harriet, sometimes you say no, and NO is as good as it gets!

The End
Tom Golden, 2018



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