Just Seven Days

Flake did his maneuver today. Saved his various reputations as anti-trump, decent conservative, and looking for work. Poor Flake gets cornered by several distraught women. They announce their torment, and painful assaulted history. Startled, good ole Flake says: “O.K. 7 days – not one minute more. Let the FBI go at it. Let’s get a complete investigation by the FBI. That is fair, and justice will be served – Amen!!!” Seven days – just seven days. Not bad. God did a lot in seven days.

All hands-on deck. FBI agents from all over the country will be called to the 7-day investigation. Clean the polygraph machines. Sharpen the pencils. Cancel all leaves. Retake any oaths that they have taken. We must be certain that there are no bad apples in the FBI as in the case McCabe.

One problem – more than one. Who are we to investigate? Can we subpoena any persons? Can we demand that they be investigated? There are no criminal charges. Must the persons speak to the FBI, or is it voluntary? And most important where are they right now?

A preliminary investigation just completed today, September 28, 2018 revealed the following about the potential witnesses.
Christine Blasey Ford – Someplace with her family. Address unknown. Perhaps FBI knows.
Russell Ford – Husband of Christine. Likely with her. Works every day, and not certain if he can miss much work time.
Keith Koegler – Children’s coach. Last known to be in France attending the Ryder Cup.
Rebecca White – Christine’ neighbor, when Christine lived nearby. Now not a neighbor.
Leland Keyser – Dear friend of Christine. Important witness. Recently had extensive oral surgery, and has difficulty speaking. May improve over the next week or so.
Brett Kavanaugh – Currently involved in daily, intensive psychotherapy. Senate sessions were traumatizing. Not certain if he can withstand more questioning. Spending a lot of time in prayer.
PJ Smyth: At function. Currently thought to be skiing in Utah. Last great summer skiing.
Adela Gildo-Mazzon: Friend to Christine. Will possible speak to FBI, but only if her Mother is present. Adela’s mother is currently in a senior citizens home with late state dementia.
Deborah Ramirez: Additional person charging Brett with sexual assault, drinking. Likely to testify, but only to female FBI agent. Preferably an agent who has suffered sexual assault.
Julie Swetnick: Claimed assault by Brett on Washington street. Currently on a cruise to Cancun. Has said that she will ask Captain to turn back and let her off at Guantanamo Base. Likely available and can’t wait to testify.

The FBI has got their work cut out for them. But as they say: “A stitch in time saves nine.” (Benjamin Franklin, 1789)

Tom Golden, 2018



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