Lots of Votes…

Donald lost. Biden won.
Donald received more than 70 million votes. Seventy million citizens voted for Donald. That is a lot of voters. How come? How come more than seventy million citizens voted for Donald? Several motives. Some persons were singularly motivated, and others had multiple reasons.

“I voted for Donald because…”

           “I always vote for Republicans.”
           “I never would vote for a Democrat.”
           “I worry about immigrants.”
           “I hate Communists.”
           “No way will I vote for a Socialist.”
           “The President has done a good job.”
           “Biden’s son is a crook.”
           “I don’t like Catholics.”
           “Harris is dumb, and could not be President.”
           “Blacks are welfare leaches.”
           “Who cares about south-east Asia.”
           “I think Morning Joe is a jerk.”
           “Biden has never done anything for 40 years.”
           “I want to keep my Doctor, and my insurance.”
           “The President put it to Europe and China.”
           “Nancy Pelosi is disgusting. A real bitch.”
           “The President cleaned the Washington swamp.”
           “I like a guy who tells it like it is.”
           “Biden is gonna die, and we get Harris. Forget it!”
           “Masks are stupid.”



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