Media Credo…

As a Media Journalist I resolve to not repeat a word that President Trump says. I will state the following: “Today, President Trump said…”. After that announcement I will offer my commentary, but never what “President Trump said…”.

If Covid, Vaccine, Masks, China, Economy, Employment, Immigration, Rioting, Chicago, and Civil War Statues, are spoken about by the President, media professionals are welcome to speak to each topic. But not what the President has said. Not a single reference to his comments.

There is no need to comment on the President’s rambling. It is demeaning when you do so. The habitual repeating of the President’s comments is seemingly unavoidable, but when you do repeat his comments, you typically ridicule his every word. Ridicule his choice of words, syntax, mispronunciation, and constant repetition. You seem to relish in critique. Some of you highlight his ignorance of facts, the lies, inconstancies, lack of focus and self-serving comments. Some repeat the various psychiatric diagnosis that have described the President. Some attempt to explain the political relevance of the President’s comments. Some snicker, and likely long for the next commercial break.

When he contradicts himself, you embrace the opportunity to criticize. Should he offer a bigoted, racist, sexual, or ethnic abuse, you are energized and offer vigorous assaults. The President offers a glowing target. A target that is all bullseye. Impossible to miss the target.

Clearly your jobs as network and cable commentators demand that you offer  content. Perhaps Corporate demands that you reflect on the President’s comments. A job may be on the line. I am certain that you have thoughts about every issue of concern. Each of you is schooled, and well read. Each of you is curious and enthused. Each of you are creative.

The journalistic attempts to cleanse his comments, or to offer insights into the roots of his talk are all failures. Of greater concern is that your sincere reflections do an injustice to your professional standing. The President stirs the pot, and you must avoid tasting the brew. Recently, with the death of Congressman Lewis, you all extolled the Congressman’s courage, and his devotion to truth. Each evening you have the same opportunity with audiences of millions.

Tom Golden, 2020



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