My Teacher’s Packin

Luncheon at P.S. 22 – Five third Graders…

Mike: Did you hear?
Susan: What?
Peter: Hear what?
Mike: I think Ms. Schultz got a gun.
Francis: What?
Susan: So?
Mike: Ms. Schultz got a gun. She’s got a gun in her bag.
Ralph: Really? A real gun!
Francis: A gun?
Susan: Mike, can I have one of your donuts.
Mike: Here. Take one. Just one.
Francis: My Mom told me that teachers don’t have guns.
Peter: My dad said teachers should get a gun.
Susan: Can I have another? (she takes another donut).
Mike: Harry in Mrs. Bacon’s class told me.
Francis: Harry is in Kindergarten.
Mike: So what? He told me that he saw the gun.
Ralph: Wow!
Peter: He really saw a gun. A real gun.
Mike: That’s what he told me. I believe him.
Susan: I’m gonna ask Ms. Schultz.
Mike: Yeh, ask her. But don’t say I told you.
Peter: Yeh. Good idea.
Ralph: You think, she can show us the gun. Ya think she would?
Mike: That would be great. I never seen a real gun.
Francis: I did. My grandfather has a lot of guns.
Mike: O.K Susan. After lunch lets go to her and see the gun.
Peter: Great. Let’s go!
Susan: Don’t tell the other kids.
Mike: Just us. Let’s go.



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