None of My Business…

Several friends at the local diner…

Harry: Yesterday, the New York Times reported about Trumps tax payments.
Peter: What did they say?
Mary Lu: I don’t read the Times, but I know they hate the President.
Harry: They investigated years of his tax returns, and he hardly paid any taxes. Almost none.
Peter: None?
Harry: In one year he paid about 750 bucks in federal taxes.
Mary Lu: Who told you so.
Frank: Those guys can’t stand Donald. No matter what he does, they make a big deal.
Mary Lu: You’re right Frank. First Mueller fake investigation, then Russian stuff, and mail ballots, and now tax bullshit.
Harry: The facts are right there to read. I’ll bring in the paper.
Peter: Maybe he didn’t pay any taxes, or just a little. So what?
Harry: Peter, do you pay your taxes?
Peter: Sure. I don’t like it, but I pay.
Harry: And Mary Lu, do you pay taxes?
Mary Lu: Of course. So how does that matter about the President?
Harry: Cause he is a tax cheating President and a tax wheeler dealer. Makes millions, and pays nothing. Makes me crazy!
Frank: Maybe he did pay almost nothing. Maybe he did it legal.
Mary Lu: Yeh, maybe he’s just smarter than you.
Harry: And maybe he is a crook.
Mary Lu: All the guys with money cut on their taxes. Big deal. Everybody knows that.
Harry: Don’t you care?
Frank: I don’t give a damn. If he and his accountants found a way to not pay, fine with me.
Mary Lu: Trump got his ways, and I got mine. His taxes are none of my business.
Frank: Harry, stay loose. You worry too much. Let’s eat.


Tom Golden, 2020



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