not on my block

One on Every Block…(Not on My Block)

The lady was old. I had no idea how old, but old. Kinda like an old witch. Once in a while I saw her in her front yard, and sometimes in her backyard. Just a fleeting figure. I never saw her face, but I knew she was crazy. Her teen-age daughter was also crazy. There was a son, maybe in his twenties. I know he worked. He left their home every morning. Maybe he wasn’t crazy, since he had a job. We all knew that family and especially the old lady was bats!

I know that my crazy lady has her replica on every city block. In every hamlet, there is a crazy person. Sometimes a lady, and sometimes a man. Some left their home and walked in the streets. Sometimes they talked, but only to themselves. Some of crazies were teased and tormented by the local delinquents. They were crazy, but not enough to get arrested. Adults never paid any attention to the crazies, but they told their children to stay away from the crazy man or lady.

Every block has one, and one lives on Pennsylvania Ave. in Washington, D.C. He lives with his family. He has a job, and he plays golf. He says he talks to lots of people, but you never see them to talk to him. Maybe his family talks to him. Sometimes he talks to thousands of people. He even talks on the television. He hardly sleeps, and he eats a lot of junk food. He does so many things that all of us do, that it is hard to believe that he is crazy. He does not look crazy. His clothes look normal, he shaves and combs his hair. So how come we all know he is crazy. Maybe that is why so many people who worked with him leave or get fired. It must be hard to work with a person who is crazy.

He says so many crazy things that millions of people laugh at him or ridicule him. Millions of other people say they love the job that he is doing, but they don’t like how he acts, or what he says. Why? Because they know that what he does or says is crazy. Even the millions who love him, are afraid that he is crazy, but they will not say it. Hundreds of officials who work in Washington, D.C. try and avoid him. Being a boss, they must listen to him, and obey what he says. In the privacy of their offices, bathrooms, saunas, gymnasiums they whisper “he is crazy”. How do they know he is crazy? Do not ask them. They will not answer you. They will not laugh at you, or ridicule you, but they know he is crazy. They count the days that he will move to another block, but not on my block.  



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