One Part Alice in Wonderland/One Part Wizard of Oz

The recipe for the Trump presidency. No one, I mean not a single reporter, journalist, congressional representative, butcher, baker or candle stick maker can understand the behavior of the Trump administration. How do you respond when the President says: “I know somethings that you may never know”, or “when it comes to the truth I am really, really big on truth,” or “I like surprises, don’t you?”  What is he talking about? How do you converse with a person who talks as in never, never land? If you attempt to decipher what the man is saying, you will be guaranteed that whatever you thought he was talking about will be denied, or modified, or reversed by the President’s next comment.

Media reporters of all orientations struggle to offer a succinct description of what the Trump or his team has done or said, only to find that the subject has no relation to the verb, and the object is always changing. The copy editors try to state what they hear, or see as real – real as in actual, or known fact. They say that they have some facts, but not all the facts. At some point, they believe they do have all the facts, but come to find out that the facts are alternative facts, or on the other hand not exactly what was meant by what the editors saw, or heard and sometimes both.  All the news is presented as a puzzle, not a small puzzle, but a large puzzle. A puzzle with multiple solutions that may be solved by the FBI, or the Justice Department, or an impartial special counsel, or a non-partisan congressional investigation. Many investigators have been tainted by or influenced by someone, or something such that they are disqualified for their bias. Even if not biased, they may have posed naked on Facebook, or they may have written graffiti on the bathroom door of their local Dunkin Donuts, or failed to lift the toilet seat? We are all at risk for public damnation.

Text messages, emails, overheard conversations, visual surveillance all offer information that is immediately characterized as possibly photo shopped, improperly collected, or classified.  We are told that some information was given to Russian intelligence officials. We come to find out that the intelligence officials may not have been intelligent at all (only kidding). Cover-ups, closed doors, investigations controlled by the wrong people, or not by people at all, but by computer data records. We are told there are ways to get at the “truth.” What “truth?” Do we start a criminal investigation, or a counter-intelligence investigation, or just classify everything as ‘just messin.’ We are told that turmoil and chaos are instructive and can generate valuable experience, if we are not bombed to hell.

Why not ask the Pope to do the investigation? A tribunal of the Grand Mufti, Pope Francis, and the Dean of some Jewish Theological Seminary. Could they not gather the truth? Perhaps have our leaders testify in front of their Mothers. No one would swear to tell the truth and then lie in front of their Mother. If they have no Mothers then they must swear on the lives of their first born. If childless, they must swear to kill your first born if they lie under oath. The problem is that in Wonderland, or Oz truth is irrelevant. Who cares in such a world of wonder, magic, dreams and wishes. Where oh where is the nearest rabbit hole???? If birds fly over the rainbow why, oh why can’t I?



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