Cold, not just a typical winter night. Bitter cold, gale wind without pause, and snow so thick that only memory led Joseph to the pub. The fireplace was ablaze, and the warmth brought immediate relief to Joseph’s shivering body. The regulars were at the bar. Seated at one end was Rachel and her brother Issac. Samuel, the local butcher, and his wife Muriel were busy talking to Moshe the bartender. Joseph sat on a stool just alongside Samuel, and with his head in his thawing hands, Joseph was gently sobbing.

Moshe: Joseph are you alright?
(no response from Joseph – just muffled sobs)

Moshe: Joseph, Joseph what is the wrong? Why are you crying?

Joseph: (barely audible) He is not mine.

Moshe: What? What did you say?

Joseph: He is not mine.

Rachel: Say Joseph can we buy you a drink?
(no response from Joseph)

Issac: Joseph, what’s up?

Moshe: Joseph, please- please tell me what is the matter?

Joseph: My son….
(Moshe interrupts)

Moshe: A son. Joseph you have a son!

Issac: A son – did you say a son – you have a son.
(all gather around Joseph)

Muriel: Mazel tov, Joseph. Mazel tov.

Samuel: That is great. Wow, wonderful, wonderful.

Joseph: (shouting) He is not mine.

Moshe: What are you talking about? How is Mary?

Muriel: And the baby, how is the baby?

Joseph: (Plaintively) Please leave me be. My son is not mine – he is not mine!

Moshe: Joseph, you are not making any sense. Mary has given birth to a son. What are you talking about?

Joseph: Mary says that my son is not mine. Do you all hear me? My son is not mine.
(Joseph gets up from the stool and heads toward the door)

Samuel: (grabs Joseph). Stop. Joseph you are not going anywhere. Please tell us what has happened.

Rachel: Yes. We are so thrilled for you and Mary.  We don’t understand what you are saying.

Joseph: Mary tells me, not once, but over and over again that my son is not from me – he is not mine.

Moshe: What happened? Why this crazy talk. You are not making any sense.

Joseph: And there are men in the stable, and camels. Big smelly camels, and three men with funny costumes, and weeds or plants that stink. The camels are stomping on our things. I cannot understand what the men are sayings. And Mary greets them as if they were our family. She is acting like they are kings – some kind of royalty.

Samuel: Did they talk to you? Did they introduce themselves?

Muriel: Is Mary save with them? Should we all go to the stable? I am worried for Mary and the baby.

Joseph: Mary says that I could go and not worry cause she was expecting the men. They came from far away, and followed a star to the stable.

Rachel: The more you talk, the crazier it sounds.

Moshe: Joseph I want you to sit down, and let’s go over all that occurred tonight. We are your friends, and we will help you, Mary and your son.

Joseph: Moshe. You do not understand. The boy is not my son. Can’t you understand?

Rachel: Look Joseph. Mary is your wife, right. Mary was pregnant, right. Mary gave birth this night, right.

Muriel: You hear Rachel. Is she correct?

Samuel: Joseph there is no need to talk anymore. We are going to the stable and find out what is happening.

Joseph: We can’t go back. Mary says she is fine. Not just fine, but perfect. She told me to go, and not to worry.  She told me that tonight is the most special night for all mankind. She told me that she loves me.

Isaac: Okay, so what is the problem?

Joseph: Isaac what is the problem? Are you serious? How would you feel if your wife told you that your first child – your son was not yours. How would you feel?

Moshe: Joseph, my lovely dear friend Joseph. I feel so bad allowing you to suffer so much. At times my memory fails me. My dear Joseph you have nothing to fear or worry about.

Joseph: (stunned) What are you saying Moshe? What do you mean I have nothing to worry about?

Moshe: Everybody listen up. Our dearest Mary is just depressed. Simply depressed. She means no harm. She is just suffering a POST PARTUM DEPRESSION!

With that pronouncement, all gather together and hoist Joseph on the shoulders of Isaac and Samuel and they joyfully head to the stable.


Many years ago, the wrong side of the bed was clearly marked by the presence of a “pot de chambre,” that is a chamber pot. Upon awakening during the night, a careless move to the floor on the “wrong side” of the bed resulted in disaster. With the passage of time and the introduction of in-house plumbing, the chamber pot has been transformed into a planter, or flea market novelty.

The pot may be gone, but the expression “wrong side of the bed” has endured as an explanation for annoying personal behaviors. Getting up on the “wrong side of the bed” is now considered to be the cause of grouchiness, moodiness, depression, lethargy and a host of other regrettable feelings and behaviors, not the least of which is “feeling lousy.”

Perhaps there is a “right side” of the bed, which if located and used will ensure vigor, good will, affection and sex. The physical structure of most beds offer few cues as to the right or wrong side, let alone the good or the bad side.  Beds with a headboard, and/or a wall behind the bed offer just three possible “right” sides. One might eliminate the foot of the bed as an escape route, and thereby enhance your chances of choosing the “right side” by 33 percent.

The prospect of having just two choices to select the “right” side might be too risky. One might move the bed to the center of the room and then have four sides to choose from, or at least three sides with a rotating `foot.’ For the avid gambler, a circular bed would offer a limitless search for the “right” side.

It’s possible that the number of bed sides and their locations will not solve the demand for a splendid morning personality. We must hit the floor on the “right side” and the design of beds offers no help.

The presence of a bedmate insures a forced choice of the “right side.” In a bed with a head board, foot and partner, the “right side” is most likely your own side. Whether such a choice ensures a personality change is a much more complex issue, and never under your direct control. Furthermore, the sleeper is never concerned about the side of the bed to get up on. Sleepers just get up after a nights sleep. They could, if asked, describe their mood. It is the observer, that is, spouse, friend or `other body’ who feels compelled to identify a cause for the sleeper’s mood.

“Boy, I see that you got up on the wrong side of the bed today.”

With that pronouncement, the sleeper quickly surveys the bedside looking for the infamous “pot de chambre”. Not finding any, the newly awakened must assume total responsibility for the mood in the bedroom or immediately leap to the other side of the bed with the hope that there lies the “right side”, and acceptance.


Let’s face it! Millions of people can and do lose weight. On the other hand, millions of people can and do gain weight. What else is new? Our body weight varies during the course of daily living. Most often changes in body weight are unintentional, resulting from changes in eating habits, exercise, health problems, emotional stresses, aging, genetics, and other causes.

We gain and lose weight at some “natural” rate. At some point in our lives we are told, or we determine for ourselves that we are overweight. If not overweight, we are at least fat, or stout, chubby, heavy or perhaps obese. At that point we might make an intentional decision to lose weight, get slim, diet, trim down, get lean, reduce or shed pounds. Unfortunately, the decision to lose weight is usually characterized by several other demands. The demands are that the weight loss must be rapid, painless, enduring, and inexpensive.

During the past twenty years an entire industry has developed to service the intentional goal of weight loss. We have weight loss workshops, clinics, centers, spas and institutes in all but the smallest villages. Weight loss programs are housed in churches, hospitals, schools, motels, hotels, private homes, offices and some are available through correspondence courses. There is no human condition that has the services of so many varied techniques including; meditation and hypnosis, drugs, intestinal bypasses, surgical closure of the mouth, guilt and self-hate tapes, reinforcement programs, acupuncture, fat farms, prayer, food supplements, diets from A to Z, and fasts. Not a day passes that doesn’t announce the birth of a new weight loss program.

Despite many significant differences in the various programs, the primary focus in all current programs is the individual. The overweight person is responsible for the success of the program, and as such, all the instruction is designed for individual performance. Each approach to coping with overweight requires the individual to be self-disciplined, self-determined, self-motivated, self-controlled, self…. self…. self…. The “self” is overworked, overwrought, overwhelmed and of course, overweight.

In a recent issue of a local newspaper the messages to the overweight person were: The bottom line, of course, is that the person must do for herself…use the same kind of willpower…and make up your mind in advance…firm up your will power…where there is a will there is a way to stay slim.

To the millions of persons suffering from overweight, the word diet has come to mean many things beyond losing pounds. Successful dieting has come to mean the return of self esteem, pride, acceptance and personal freedom. The loneliness and despair of the overweight person is a private torment with a unique language system. A language full of self criticism, e.g. “I was bad today”, or “I’m ugly”, or “I’m weak and worthless”, or “I have no will power and I hate myself for it.”

As a society, we have made lepers of the overweight person. They are scorned, criticized and laughed at, while at the same time we demand that the overweight person overcome our ridicule as well as shed poundage. The overweight person is not invincible. He or she is no stronger willed or weaker willed than anyone else.

How many of the “normally” weighted population could intentionally lose weight? How many persons of “normal” wills eliminate sugars, salts, and starches from their diet? How many of us could put down the fork and leave the table when “full” or almost “full” or not quite “full”? How many of us could initiate an exercise program and complete it regularly? Try avoiding alcohol, sodas and treats. How many of us could withstand the constant slander of our appearances, willpower and self-esteem? Are we demanding from overweight person more than they can produce alone? Are we demanding more than most individuals can produce?

Assuredly some persons do lose weight through individual effort, and their weight loss may even be maintained; nonetheless, one must question the prevailing attitude that the overweight individual must be solely responsible for their own weight loss. Considering the increasing problems of obesity in our population, despite the numerous weight control programs, it is doubtful that most individuals can lose weight and maintain that loss when the focus remains on individual compliance and self-willed must approach the problems of weight control from a social perspective.

We must view “overweight” as a family and/or peer group problem. The overweight person is not solely responsible for weight gain, nor can he/she be solely responsible for weight loss! Eating began as a social experience. In infancy and throughout childhood, adolescence and on into adulthood, most people eat in a social environment.

Whether it is a family or peer group, eating is a social experience. Our eating habits, tastes and attitudes toward food have all derived from a social learning experience.  A social learning approach to weight control would involve the immediate social environment, e.g. spouses, children, relatives, and even friends. Many overweight persons live in homes that ignore the family responsibility for eating, nutrition and weight control. The dieter” is scorned for weight gain, and praised for weight loss.

The “non dieters” assume the role of evaluators of the “fat” family member. Will he or she control themselves? Will self-control prevail? Will the dieter be “good” or “bad”? The inevitable resentments smolder and the tensions increase. Eating becomes a test of will and a commentary on one’s character. Is it any wonder that eating and stress are so interrelated? The families and associates of the “overweighed” must commit themselves to weight control. The mutual concerns and bonds of our social relations must be identified and focused upon controlling weight.

Each “Normally” weighted person must assume the responsibility for eating, nutrition and diet. The overweight person cannot do it alone! The volume of research findings is clear and repetitive. Many persons can intentionally lose weight, but most regain the weight, and many even increase their weight.

Weight control programs that emphasize the individual and neglect the family and other social support systems will probably fail in the majority of cases.  Overweight is emotionally, socially and physically crippling. We cannot stand by and allow the overweight person to “go it alone”. We must take the control from the “overweighted self” and do our share. The task is actually the responsibility of the group. Only by assuming the responsibility for weight control, will “normally” weighted persons control the problem of the overweight.


“For a long time, the negotiations went nowhere. The diplomats spent months simply arguing over the shape of the negotiating table. The US wanted to have two sides: US and Saigon on one side, Communists on the other. The Communists wanted to have four sides: 1) the US, 2) Republic of Vietnam (the Saigon government), 3) the Democratic Republic of Vietnam (the Hanoi government), and 4) the guerrilla movement in South Vietnam which had originally called itself the National Liberation Front and was by this time calling itself the Provisional Revolutionary Government (PRG). Many people have criticized this as a remarkable piece of stupidity, a case of diplomats wasting time on trivialities. They are mistaken; the debate over the shape of the negotiating table was perfectly rational.

The US wanted a peace settlement in which the Saigon government would win full control of South Vietnam. If this happened the PRG, and the South Vietnamese Communist apparatus which formed the guiding core of the PRG, would be wiped from the face of the earth. What the US wanted was, in effect, an agreement under which the North Vietnamese Communists would sell out their southern comrades.

The PRG was not likely to approve of any such agreement. As long as the North Vietnamese were demanding that the PRG have its own separate delegation at the conference and speak for itself, rather than being included in a combined Communist delegation where the North Vietnamese could speak for it, it was obvious that the North Vietnamese were not willing to sign an agreement satisfactory to the US.

On the other side, the Communists were determined to get an agreement that would bring South Vietnam under Communist rule. If the US were not even willing to have a separate delegation of South Vietnamese Communists at the conference, the US was obviously not willing to sign any such agreement. It would have made no sense for either side to accept the other’s view as to proper shape of the conference table and then expect anything useful to come out of the conference.

A compromise was finally reached involving one large circular table and two smaller rectangular ones, arranged in a way that the United States could interpret as representing a two-sided negotiation, and the Communists could interpret as representing a four-sided negotiation.” (quote from a Google site)

The latest “perfectly rational “diplomatic distress involved the “hand-shake” between Obama and Rouhani. Fortunately, an aside from one of the kitchen staff of the White House was heard to say, “why doesn’t the Man make a call?” After the cook received a brief reprimand from a Secret Service officer, the President’s press secretary was informed of the notion. Carney liked the idea but then he was concerned about NSA and Wikileaks and at a minimum Verizon long distance operators.

Into the breach came VP Biden. Good ole train riding, home lovin Biden immediately contacted his staff – obtained the telephone number of the Iranian president and made the telephone call. When Rouhani answered, Biden told him to” hold on. “Translated into Farci, the words “hold on” meant, “touch me.” Rouhani, somewhat confused about the phrase, but curious held on. Biden’s staff contacted the President who was playing the revised corporate Monopoly with his daughters (and losing!!).

The President’s initial response was total disbelief. “Who the hell made the call?” The President was informed that VP Biden did. “ That ADD icon! I can’t believe he did that. Who the hell does he think he is.” The President arose quickly and accidentally tipped the table holding the Monopoly board. The pieces went flying. His daughters began to cry. Michelle ran into the room and seeing the girls in tears, she reached out and held them close to her chest. “Obama, what did you do- what did you do.?” With a wave of his hand, the President dismissed Michelle, and picked up the infamous RED phone.

What a mistake! The  RED phone was connected directly to the SAC bomber group in Utah. Still upset about the VP insolence, the President said, “Hello, Rouhani, this is the President.” The response from Utah was simply, “the code – state the code.” Understandably, the President did not know the code for Iran, and he said, “the code, what code.” The voice repeated, “the code – state the code.” Between the VP behavior, the destruction of the game, the girl’s tears, and the clear damnation stare from Michelle, the President was PISSED! “I don’t know any code – just get me the President, and now.”

Least we forget.  President Obama made is obliged apology to Netanyahu after speaking with Rouhani. When is the President going to learn that 99% of actual, full term Americans (excluding all Latinos – legal or otherwise) do not give a damn what the Israeli Prime Minister thinks, eats or fucks! Are we to go down the tubes on the back of the Chosen.

Oh one more concern: When the government closes (amen), the persons most effected in a very painful way are the hot dog, pretzel, soda, ice cream and statue vendors that populate the streets, or entrances to all the monuments, parks, etc. (are there any vendors at Monument Valley ?– you know where all the heads are carved in stone.).



Many persons have asked me who I was voting for in the upcoming presidential election. I have been hesitant to tell my choice for fear of getting into an argument. After much reflection, I am voting for Donald Trump. I taped his last speech in Atlantic City. It was so convincing, heartfelt, direct and meaningful. Here, let me play it for you.


Folks, thank you for coming today. Thanks for the thousands of you who came out today, to hear me speak. It is just so great, and we are having so much fun. Thousands of citizens, thousands of people and thousands of you all having such fun. Wow. All the love in this crowd. Are we not going to get America great again? Are we not going to have a great nation again, like the great country we were?

We are going to be so great, that even being great will not be enough. We will be so good, so strong, so great, and so special that everyone will feel great. When I say that we will be so strong, I mean so strong that no one will even understand, or think about how strong we will be. So strong – oh so very strong, and don’t forget great. We will make America great again.

We will begin with the wall. Oh what a wall. No one will have ever seen such a wall. If you thought the Berlin Wall was great, wait until you see our wall. Oh what a great wall. I mean greater than the Great Wall in China.

Sorry, speaking of China. No worry. When the Chinese see how strong, powerful and great our military will be, even the Chinese will think we are strong. Maybe not great, but surely strong. Isn’t this fun. What a crowd! What a great day for America, and actually for the world. Finally, the whole world will see the America that we once were. They will see the Reagan America. Strong, powerful, brave and once again rich. I almost forgot about becoming rich again. We will bring back all the money from everywhere, and we will be rich again. Not only great, but rich. I love this crowd. Don’t you love this crowd?


Now you know why I am voting for Donald Trump. Wasn’t that just great!



The announcement shocked the nation. The news media were ecstatic. The rough, tough talking ex-United States District Attorney, and current New Jersey Governor, Chris Christie declared his support for The Donald. Seemed like just yesterday, when the rough, tough talking Christie was damning The Donald. But yesterday’s seem so far away and in the quest for power you say whatever is needed, regardless of verbal contradictions, deceits, misrepresentations, and the old basic lie. The Donald and Governor Christie were now tied at the hip. Traditional podium hugs, praises, and predictions of future success.

In early March, the nation was to be shocked once again, and the news media were blessed with more unpredictable but wondrous fodder. The world’s most famous neurosurgeon, and recent candidate for the Republican nomination for President announced his unqualified support for The Donald. Dr. Ben Carson pledged to work for the election of The Donald. The apologies and praise were cliché, and said with the ecclesiastical tone that Dr. Carson has perfected both to sooth his followers, and put insomniacs to sleep.  The offering of support was graciously accepted by The Donald.

How come! What is the back story such that two fierce competitors have announced their support for The Donald? Perhaps a philosophical transformation for Christy and Carson. Perhaps the promise of a significant government position should The Donald become the 45 President of the United States. A judicial or cabinet appointment for one or both candidates. Such an explanation avoids the basic law of parsimony. A law that states that if one is faced with two or more explanations for an unknown event(s), look for an answer that is known.

A review of the characters offers a clear explanation for novel and sudden support announcements of Governor Christie and Dr. Carson. The Donald is rich. Not ordinary rich, but “very rich” A multiple billionaire.

Chris Christie is Governor of New Jersey, with a current yearly salary of $175,000. The Governor’s estimated net worth is 5 million dollars, of which 2.24 million dollars is the value of his home.  Dr. Ben Carson is retired, and no longer practices medicine. His estimated net worth is between 10 and 20 million dollars. Dr. Carson is likely financially secure, actually wealthy, but certainly not The Donald kind of rich. The Donald gives money to everyone with little regard to race, religion, political affiliation or by implication just about everyone!

Perhaps both Governor Christie and Dr. Carson have sincerely re-evaluated their political perceptions of The Donald, and hence their support. Perhaps The Donald has promised important appointments for the Governor and Dr. Carson.

Each of those possibilities are potential explanations for the newly vowed support for The Donald. But what do we already know? What is real? What is not dependent on the results of the election process? The Donald has made just another deal. The Donald has promised financial guarantees to both the Governor, and Dr. Carson. The Donald has promised to be the financial ‘angel’ to both men, regardless of the outcome of the election. What a deal!



For those of us who cannot stand big government, we can handle the Ebola crisis on our own.  A good example are the current Ebola cases in Texas.  Without big government interference we would first close the borders of Texas. That would allow us to keep any potential carriers from entering the state. The first case would have been executed upon his arrival. That would have avoided infecting nursing staff. We would not allow any air, train, or bus traffic to enter the state. As far as commercial traffic, all such transport would be confined to intrastate operations. All mail, parcel post, etc. would be allowed but only within the borders of Texas.

The procedures that were followed by the Texas Presbyterian Hospital  were unacceptable, and as such we would demolish the facility. We have many other hospitals in Dallas, and throughout the state. Should any cases be identified within the state, they would be evaluated, and if cure were possible, we would service the patient, if the patient were too ill, then execution, and immediate cremation.

Should Ebola become epidemic in the nation, we would protect our borders with the Texas National Guard. Any interstate activity would be denied, such as football, basketball, baseball and any other interstate sport, theatre, or concerts. In addition, to avoid undue fear on the part of our Texan citizens, all television and radio references to Ebola would be forbidden, and that includes Internet transmission. We know how to handle our problems locally, and we have no need for government interference.


The alleged gunman Dylann Roof shot 9 persons to death, and wounded several others. Dylann and the others were participating in a religious study group located in a church in Charleston, South Carolina.

Before I go any further, I must offer my praise to the apparent good-will, and Christian fellowship offered by the Black parishioners in that group. These are persons that deserve our admiration and respect. Truly innocent in their acceptance of Dylann while he sat with the group for one hour, and only then did he begin to murder the Blacks, while spouting cruel racist claims.

How bizarre to share communion with the devil? How vicious was the mindset of Dylann, as he listened to their conversation and readings. Dylann has since the arrest stated that he had second thoughts about killing the Blacks, but he needed to do it. He just had to do it – these Blacks rape white women, and these Blacks take away our country –“You have to go.” Was the motive hate, terrorism inclinations or perhaps a brain tumor. A brain tumor that finally overcame morality and fear of punishment.

Perhaps not a brain tumor, but rather years of parental training to hate Blacks. How we hope that he was mentally deranged – just plain nuts! “A monster.” If a tumor, who are we to blame. The “tumor” made me do it! If familial training then we must immediately arrest his parents as accomplices to the crime, and perhaps (G-D forbid) the Grandparents, teachers, neighbors, and other South Carolina citizens.

A possible 21 Century culprit is the mass media, particularly the Internet. The Internet that allows every type of bigotry to prosper. The Internet presents substantial content to generate distain for any race, ethnicity, religion and sexual orientation. But, how does the Internet information produce a 21 year old, unemployed, gun toting white man, and bible reading participant in a famous church in Charleston, South Carolina.

Who knows, and who cares? What! Who cares? The entire nation cares, starting with our Black President, and ending with you. All that caring. All that concern. To what end? Least we forget (I am certain that my readers have not forgotten) Ferguson, Tamir Rice (age 12), CameroTillman (age 14) and on and on. We are drowning in killing, maiming with no respite!

Now public commentators, and political persons all hail the need for forgiveness, reconciliation, understanding, “coming together”, disallow hate and revenge, even a call for a national dialogue. Multiple suggestions for Blacks and Whites to come together and speak to one another. That Blacks and Whites need to speak to one another suggests that such communication could produce a clarity of views, expression of needs and an appreciation of the differences.

The very suggestion that Blacks and Whites need to talk together reveals a total misunderstanding of the problem. Blacks do not need to dialogue with racist Whites. Blacks do not need to converse with Whites who systemically carry a sense of superiority. Blacks are not the problem in America. Native Indians were not the problem for White pilgrims, nor western settlers. Jews in Europe could talk their heads off with the superior race of German Arians, before they were sent to take a shower. A massive, caring gathering at St. John’s the Devine, or Mt. McKinley, or the Hill at Calvary will not help.

Thousands of small town hall meetings can be organized, but make certain that you require alternate seating, i.e. white – black – white – black, etc.etc. More importantly, make certain that there is plenty of coffee and donuts, and more than one bathroom. At the meeting I would disallow any conversation. Just sit next to one another for 18 minutes, have your snack and leave. Set the next meeting for the following week, and once again, no conversing, just sitting next to one another for 36 minutes. Count how many persons return, and were they white or black.


The men, and women paddled by hand in the choppy waters near the beaches of Kos. Only 6 more kilometers to go to reach the beach. Just keep paddling. Sari, the 3 year old was pulled overboard by the last high wave. Sari’s Mother just lay in the murky sea water beneath our feet. She didn’t cry. She didn’t make a sound. Seven adults were lost last evening. Just keep paddling.



The screen hangs just behind your forehead, between your frontal lobe, and your skull bone.  When the movie is playing you are amazed, bewildered, terrified, joyous, despairing, tormented, hysterical and at times dying – but never dead! The movie seems to last forever, but at times it is a fleeting scene. Black and white, or glorious color. Silent, or loud.  Sometimes music that you know, and other times music of unknown origin. Many scenes repeat ad nauseum, and others are lost forever. The locations and sets are too numerous to list, and the characters, whether animal or human are both real or imagined, and sometimes seem to be both.

As the movie screen is such an intimate part of your being, so is the movie. A unique movie brought to the screen by you. You the director, the producer, the actors, the sets, the sound, the music, the sun, moon, stars, Mothers, Fathers, Gods, and every inhabitant of Noah’s Ark – plus some dinosaurs. Whatever occurs on that screen is your creation. You are totally in control of the movies content, even parts of the script that cause you much pain.

For the moment, I will offer a brief example of your movie, and your role in it. Just imagine a simple scene of and you are sitting in a Carvel store. Clearly you recognize yourself, but you must understand that you are also the vanilla Carvel, the sugar-cone, the store, the lights, the clerk, the cash register, the credit card, as well as the cute tabby cat sitting in the back corner of the shop. Suddenly, an elephant is standing on the sidewalk just outside of the store. Seated on the elephant is your Grandmother, Becky. She is blowing on a trumpet, and the music you hear is a piece by Vivaldi. Once again do not forget that you have created all that you see and hear, including Grandma Becky,  the elephant, sidewalk,  and Vivaldi.

There is no denying that you have created every aspect of the scene.  Who else could display that scene on your screen hanging in your head?  Thoughts are yours alone, as are feelings and such is the case with your dreams.

Now comes the difficult part, that is the Interpretation of your Dream.  While you are the writer, and performer, the movie presents such complexity of script, dialogue, set, character etc., that do not allow for immediate interpretation. You must give alot of thought to explain why you would produce such a movie. It will not be easy, but you own it!


Dear Mr. Putin:
It appears that you and your financial oligarchs are under the impression that you are immune to the economic sanctions that are being instituted by the United States and members of the EU. I am quite certain that there are a significant number of Russian citizens who do not approve of your policies regarding the Ukraine and specifically the illegal annexation of the Crimea.

Last week, it was reported that approximately 50 thousand Russians took to the streets of Moscow to protest your policy in Crimea. Perhaps small in numbers, there is clearly a population of Russian citizens who do not support your current stance. I sincerely suggest that you re-evaluate your current aggressive stance.

Absent such an assessment, on September 1, at 12:00pm EST, all internet programmers will close access throughout Russia to the social media, particularly Facebook. In addition, all stored data of users will be permanently deleted. At the present time there are approximately 7 million Facebook users in Russia. The deadline that I am proposing is irreversible. I anticipate that with the closure of internet access to the primary social internet resource, Facebook, you will take notice. I await your response.




The shower water was getting too cool so I turned up the hot faucet. I was shampooing my hair with more vigor than usual, and trying to recall Suzanne’s recipe for Rillette. I remembered the pork butt, and duck fat, and crushed hot pepper and nothing else. I scrubbed my hair even harder in an futile attempt to recall the rest of the recipe. Perhaps if I massaged my scalp, the ingredients would be revealed. I could not recall anything else. I rinsed my hair, and bagged the conditioner treatment. The forgotten recipe had my total attention.

For many years since her death I have planned to make the Rillette, and at one time I thought I recalled the entire recipe. With the passage of time, each ingredient has slipped into  the fog of memory. As I was drying myself, I felt a sudden  sense of relief. A complete sense of comfort. I stopped reaching for the recipe recall. I felt so pleased – so at peace.  I realized that I did not need the recipe. I did not need to make Suzanne’s Rillette. I will never make the Rillette, and I had no need to revive the recipe.

I knew the Rillette. I knew how it looked in the bowl. I knew the color. I certainly knew the unique taste. I could see the cornichon at the edges of the bowl.  The Rillettes was mine forever, and what is more I saw Suzanne preparing the Rillette. I saw her face, hair, and apron covering her dress. I heard her voice while cooking. I could see her mashing the pork, and mixing the elusive ingredients. And then, the taste, the bread, the wine, and the joy of having lived through the experience. I knew I could never – no not ever reproduce the Rillette, and certainly not that moment in our life.  Our memories are unique, precious, and so private. I am very pleased they are private. They cannot be shared, nor recreated. What a treat!




I love my grandchildren, as well as my great-grand children who I rarely see as they reside in France, but I am not concerned about any financial debt that they may incur after my death. So many politicians are sincerely worried about the financial circumstance of future generations. Actually I rarely think about subsequent generations financial needs. Perhaps there are grandparents who prepare financial packages for their grandchildren, but I cannot accept that a national election should rest on the need for such gift giving.

I have frequently missed giving the grandchildren birthday gifts. I sometimes hang their artwork on my refrigerator door, but even that I do only in their presence. When they see that the drawings are missing, I quickly hand out candy bars, and blow up colorful balloons. Balloon blowing has become more difficult, in part due to my aged lungs, and the cheap balloons from China. “Saving is a very fine thing. Especially when your parents have done it for you.”(Winston Churchill – what a guy!)

I do not mind that many politicians are rich. I mean very rich. Like the wealthiest men and women in the world.  If the laws of the land, loopholes, accounting regimes, off-shore hideaways allow for such wealth so be it.

What I find repulsive is my indebtedness. I wish I had a very close relative or friend who was mega-rich, and also willing to pay off my credit cards. Change the laws, loop holes, etc, but stop inferring some ill-will, or inhumane quality to the very rich. I was raised in a household that adored FDR. He was rich, perhaps not mega-rich, but still wealthy. When he spoke on the radio I put my hand over my heart in allegiance to him and God Bless America. . “Every morning I get up and look through the Forbes list of the richest people in America. If I’m not there, I go to work.”(Robert Orben – whoever he is?)

Opps, I did it! I just wrote in the prior paragraph a phrase that I find intolerable in terms of its frequent use. “God bless you, and God bless America.” Every politician, regardless of their party finishes their speech with “ God bless….”.  I  never liked the inclusion of ‘under God’ in the pledge of allegiance. The blessing offends me, as does the ever present American Flag, 24/7 on homes, and businesses.

Flag Day was solemn for those of us who cheered the troops on Iwo Jima, and Tarawa. When someone famous died, flags were flown, and then put in the attic. The reason so many flags are frayed is due to overuse. “When man is freed of religion, he has a better chance to live a normal and wholesome life”. (Sigmund Freud)

And what about the misuse of “love”. I love my dog, my parakeet, as well as my Uncle Henry, despite the pinch he gave me at every greeting. I love my wife, my kids, and my accountant as he finagles my tax return. I love my car mechanic, and everything bagels. Now we have LOL on every text message and twitter.

I am not adverse to saying “I love….” But are there any limits to the object of such an expression?  I think that when your lover asks “how much do you love me?”, that is meant to humanize and make earnest your affection. Your dog, or parakeet, or Uncle Henry never requires an amount.  “It is better to have loved and lost than never to have lost at all” (Samuel Butler – A long time ago)

Finally, should Obama lose the election of 2012, a primal cause is his color. Yes, he is not very black, nor is Colin Powell, Halle Berry or Mohammed Ali. Obama is black enough. As the beach sand looks white and dry to the touch, it only takes a few hand full’s to reach the damp, and darker subsurface.

The American sand has never been free of racism. That Obama won election in 2008, was a reflection of the despair, and bitterness felt by millions caused by the deceit and ill-will of the Bush administration. McCain was weak from the onset, and when he chose Sarah as his running mate, that certainly helped Obama. The flip-flopping of Romney and his pandering to the headline of the day is less painful to millions than the skin color of Obama, Michelle, and the children.

Last month during the Al Smith Catholic Charities ceremony, Obama jest fully stated he feared using his middle name, Hussein. Obama’s name, birthright, mixed parenthood, absent father, etc. all reinforce, but are not necessary to determine the votes of millions. It is sufficient that he is black. “Inny, minny, mity, mo, catch a nigger by the toe, if he hollers let him go, inny, minny mity mo.” (Chant from East New York, Brooklyn, 1938-1951)


Donald looks under skirts.
Donald touches thighs, and slowly reaches pubic area.
Donald touches a breast, while touching arms, while touching a thigh, while touching….
Donald talks dirty to woman.
Donald walks into ladies dressing room.
Donald stares at naked teen age girls in dressing room.
Donald suggests that he will have or get a woman.
Donald tells woman she is his. Ignores refusals.
Donald pushes his body against woman’s body.
Donald gives unannounced kisses – some with tongue, some just on lips.
Donald touches pubic area.

BUT!!!!!!! And this is very important.
Donald never has intercourse with anyone but his wives.
Donald never shows his penis.
Donald never bares a breast.
Donald never puts his fingers on a vagina.
Donald never removes a woman’s clothing.

In fact, Donald Trump does not have ‘sex’ with strangers. You know, like real ‘sex’.

Donald is 13 going on 14…..