A Clinical Psychologist for 46 years, I have  treated toddlers to senior citizens; from toilet training to coping with Alzheimers. Shared confidences involving child abuse to admitted homicide. My clinical practice that began with a focus on helping parents of developmentally delayed children, and evolved into treating the complete range of child, adolescent, and adult dysfunctional behaviors.

My practice is targeted on identifying specific problems and solutions.

In general my practice is oriented to short term treatment. Over the years, and due to significant work with parents, and family concerns, I am viewed as an expert in all issues that come before the family courts of New Jersey. I have been appointed as a Court Expert, as well as being retained by individual clients engaged in family court proceedings. An excellent writer, and skillful in courtroom testimony.

I have given seminars and lectures to fraternal organizations, and public school associations and general public in such areas as stress management, parent training, classroom management, consequences of divorce, child abuse and sexual identity issues.

I have lectured throughout the nation on “The Indulgent Child.”


As a charter member of the Society of Pediatric Psychologists Dr. Golden has extensive experience with behavioral evaluations of children of all ages and developmental stages. He has performed development and clinical supervision of group homes and other residential facilities for adolescents. He has also performed supervision and programming for adoptive and foster parents.


Expert testimony in family courts. psycho-Social evaluations of parents, guardians and others for issues involving custody, visitation, and school related concerns. He provides group and individual therapy for pre-marital issues and marital conflicts. Mediation of separation and divorce agreements.


Court mandated behavioral and psych-social evaluations of narcotic and alcohol defendants. Individual and family psychotherapy for addicted clients, including adolescents and adults.


Evaluations and psychotheraptic program development for children diagnosed with various attention and hyperactive disorders. Parent training for children with ADHD.


Program development and implementation of behavior modification programs for use in schools at the elementary and high school level


Development and implementation of parental programs in child management. Programming for hospital based child development programs, as well as pediatric office practices and private parent groups.
Sexual Abuse of Childhood

Evaluation of and psychotherapy for sexually abused children and adults. Referrals from the courts, as well as private referrals. Court testimony regarding sexual abuse cases.