Which Priority?

The Vice President was speaking about the need for a national priority. The reporter said that perhaps the priority should be Climate Change. Another reporter suggested the COVID-19 epidemic.

Two concerns for humanity. Two realities and which should be our priority. Tending to Climate Change can determine the survival of the species. Every human being will be affected by substantial changes in the climate. All corners of the world will suffer from uncontrolled climate changes. The consequences are so profound and universal that as a priority it fails. Too grand. Too large. Too long in its generation, and it requires at least the same, or likely more time to suppress. The massive changes in human behavior is untenable. Fortunately, most persons do not experience the current consequences of climate change. As such it is easy to ignore the Polar Bears in Alaska, or the Glaciers in Greenland. So what if the reefs in the South Pacific are dying, and the fires in northern California are numerous and enormous. I live in Flatbush, Brooklyn, New York.

As to the worries about COVID-19 19, I feel just great. Never felt better. I don’t know anyone who has gotten sick with COVID-19. Even the President thinks it is a hoax. If he said nothing, the whole notion that a simple cloth mask can protect me is dumb. Thousands of people have been marching without a mask. Some get sick. Only a few among thousands. I know the virus is probably real, but so is the common cold, the flu, pneumonia. Besides, I really don’t like being told what I must do with my body, my job, my entertainment, and any other way. I just don’t like to be bossed around.

Climate change is too big. Me, just me cannot do anything about it. Covid 19 is too personal, and I can do what I want with it. I do have priorities, such as my family, my job, my God and the Nets.



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