Sherlock – We Need You

He said and she said. What actually occurred? We cannot stand the absence of THE TRUTH. The truth is the goal. We must know the truth of what has happened. We know that there is a truth to be found, and we must find it. And the search continued just after school on Thursday afternoon. Martha’s son stood still, and his eyes were full of tears. Remarkable how eye lids could hold back such a full tide. Michael had been standing there for several minutes. For Michael it was days.

“Now Michael, please tell me what you said to Susan. “
“ Nothing – I said nothing.”
“ Your teacher heard you say Susan was fat. Did you call Susan fat?”
“ No.”
“ Michael, do not lie to me. “
“ I am not lying. I didn’t call her fat.”
(Michael wiped the first tear from his cheek)
“ Michael, tell me the truth. Do not lie to me.”
“ I am not lying.”
“ Michael, is the teacher lying? Is she lying?’
“ I don’t know.”
“ What do you mean – you don’t know?’
“ I am not lying to you.”
(several more tears fall)
“ What did you say”?
“ Nothing. I never said anything- I swear!”
“ Well, Michael, we will wait until your Father comes home.”
Michaels’ Father is a Detective in the local police department.
Tom Golden, 2018



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