Some Good News


Hour after hour we are bombarded with news from the White House, Mara Lago, Trump Tower, or leakers. The President will ban all Muslims, some Muslims, bad Muslims. The President will approve slim, oil sands to flow down US pipelines to be shipped overseas. The President will damn Judges, not all Judges just Mexican judges, or Federal Judges, or Appeals Court Judges, or Judge Judy. The President calls for building a wall. The President will repeal, cancel. re-write, or plagiarize Obama Care. The President damns Nordstrom, SNL, CNN, New York Times, and Lauren Bacall, well maybe not her, but certainly Rosie.   And then, by the grace of G-D some good news. BREAKING NEWS! The North Koreans fire a missile into the sea. The Hungarians elect a fascist President. Twelve inches of snow falls in Vermont, stranding two illegal immigrants. Pro-life marchers take over a Planned Parenthood office in Galveston, Texas, and destroy the total supply of birth control pills. Madame.Le Pen wins the far-right nomination in France, and it is the birthday of Madonna. Good news that allow us to turn off the madness. To stop holding our breath awaiting the latest news break or twitter from Mr.Trump. Good news that reminds us there is a world out there, and the wall is not impenetrable.



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