Cottage Cheese and Chives

I reached for the container of Crowley’s Large Curd Cottage Cheese. That was to be my lunch. I opened the vegetable drawer and looked for the scallions. None. There were no scallions. Large curd cottage cheese requires diced scallions. A feeling of loss, yes, more than disappointment. A dash of salt, and crushed pepper would not do.

Chives! I could use chives. Not as pungent, but an excellent replacement for the scallions. I opened the cutlery drawer and took a pair of scissors. I immediately went to a garden patch in front of the house. In the early spring, we always had chives. They were perennial. I scanned the patch, and there was a bunch of fresh, vivid green chives.

Desire: a strong feeling of wanting to have something or wishing for something to happen. Cottage cheese and chives….

Tom Golden, May 2018.



When unable to write, my first impulse is to eat, drink a cup of coffee, or at least think of food. The following recipe will not satisfy “writers block”, but it is delicious, nutritious, and rather inexpensive (once you have purchased the ingredients.)


1 – One point of high quality, vanilla ice cream

2 – One or two jiggers of Grand Marnier Liquor

3 – One pint of fresh strawberries


In your favorite dessert serving bowl, allow the pint of vanilla ice cream to melt at room temperature. When the ice cream has melted, stir it so as to remove any remaining lumps. Take half of the berries and place them into the ice cream. Mix them gently. Now place the serving bowl into the refrigerator and remove just prior to serving. When dessert times arrive, put the remaining berries into the ice cream. The initial berry group may have dropped beneath the surface of the ice cream. The latter berries will float until you mix in the one or two jiggers of Grand Marnier. The amount of liquor used depends upon your taste. Serve the dessert in individual cups. The recipe serves at least four, more likely six persons. More often than not, your guests will not guess the basic ingredient, and they will insist that the cream is unique, delicious and tres chic!

Home Cookin!!


Oh boy, I just can’t wait,

To sit in my kitchen and salivate.

After eating that hospital slop,

And sometimes puking – hey, get a mop!

I almost forgot that food had a taste,

All food seemed made with hospital waste!

All I wanted was something edible.

Is that a request so incredible?

A little sugar, a little spice,

Some lox and eggs would be so nice.

But all that came was low fat jello,

No egg white, just the yellow.

Maybe there’s more to my cure,

But I’ve had it with their plat du jour.

They tried to fool us with foreign names.

But with food, I don’t play games.

I know that lamb is not yet mutton

I can’t be fooled by crusted cotton.

I know they fed outdated Spam

I’m an expert on Green Eggs and Ham.

But now I’m home and my fridge is loaded,

I can eat at will, until I’m bloated.

I can fill my gut with fat and lean,

And every item in between.

I can start my day with hot sausage and fries,

And end my night with Entemanns pies.

I can pour on the spices till my mouth burns bright

So I’ll suffer heart burn throughout the night.

Bacon, shrimp, hot-dogs, and spaghetti,

Home cooking, home cookin, I feel better already.