Brett Kavanaugh cried during the Senate investigation. Brett Kavanaugh’s emotional breakdown had its roots in his overwhelming guilt for a criminal assault of a defenseless teenage woman. Brett Kavanaugh’s impassioned denial of any wrong doing reflected a distraught person who could not accept the truth of his painful history. Brett Kavanaugh has been characterized by many persons as a decent person. Yet a man whose life history has been scared by past years of delinquent behavior. The angst that he displayed at the Senate hearings was not a denial of the truth of Christine Ford’s account, but rather an anguished attempt to suppress his guilt. Mr. Kavanaugh can be damned for his lie, but Brett Kavanaugh deserves our sympathy and even our empathy. Empathy for a man who should have never allowed himself to be in contention for a Supreme Court appointment. Perhaps a feeling of entitlement, a need for recognition, or approval allowed him to accept the nomination. Whatever his motives or other influences, he ignored the possibility that his blemished history would become public.

Brett Kavanaugh was ill prepared to cope with the revelations of that abusive history. A man who under ordinary circumstances could cope with the normal stresses of life. The demands of the Senate investigation and the charges that he faced were not normal, and beyond his coping skills. Brett was incapable of controlling his despair, and terror. Brett could not suppress his anguish. Brett was hostile, oppositional, and outright rude. He had no choice but to lie. Brett Kavanaugh may become a Supreme Court justice, but he will never forgive himself. He will forever be tormented by his guilt.

A Court Divided

Four Liberals and four Conservatives. Four Justices for the Left and four Justices for the Right. Four Justices for the people, and four Justices for business. Four Justices for the right to choose and four Justices for right to life. Four Justices for X and four Justices for Y. The divided Court is a constant source of national anxiety. Four on one side, and four on the other. We are fortunate in that the Supreme Court has nine judges (most of the time). We need only one Justice who is clean of heart, clear of mind, not biased, and totally flexible. Only one Justice who is without a prior opinion. Only one Justice who sees the law as the primary concern. Only one Justice who will be the decider. Only one Justice who can allow the nation to move forward – to avoid deadlock – allow for national tranquility. Who is that one Justice? Who knows? Regardless of your choice, what is needed is a major change in the Supreme Court decision process. Considering the constant possibility of a divided Court, we should just ask that one unique Justice what he/she thinks, and that will be the Court’s decision. The end. Simple. One man/woman, and one vote. Amen!