The Transition…

Harry and Abdulla are in the basement of the White House. They are surveying the supply shelves. Harry has been the facilities manager for President Trump. Abdulla is the House Keeping director for President-Elect Biden.

Harry: Well, what can I tell you?
Abdulla: For a starter, how come there is not one roll of toilet paper in supply?
Harry: We get delivery every third Sunday. By next Sunday, there will be plenty.
Abdulla: I noticed in the first floor ladies room, there was no toilet paper on the roller.
Harry: What were you doing in the ladies room?
Abdulla: Harry, relax. My wife had to use the toilet, and she hollered to me to get some.
Harry: Well, you could have gone to another john. We have a dozen toilets in the White House.
Abdulla: I could have, but her need was at the moment. I had some tissues and gave them to her.
Harry: Sounds good. Any other questions?
Abdulla: Not right now, but I did notice that the cabinet containing the sterling silverware was locked. Actually pad-locked.
Harry: Yeh. What about the pad-lock.
Abdulla: I was informed by the Bush dining manager, that the sterling silver collection is extremely valuable. Most of the items have been gifts from various international dignitaries. I was just wondering.
Harry: What about the sterling? What’s your problem?
Abdulla: No problem, just thinking.
Harry: Listen Aboola. You don’t get into this building until January 14th. It’s my place until then. Any more questions, or I’ve got to go.
Abdulla: It’s is Abdulla. Abdulla. Where are you going? We have more to tour.
Harry: Tour? This ain’t Disneyland. Since you asked, first I’m going to the John, and then President Donald and some of us are going to the golf course.
Abdulla: Say Harry, I have more tissue in my car in case you need some.

Tom Golden, 2020



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