What is America?

Republicans or Democrats or Americans…

The expert pundit stated that it is not a Republican of Democrat problem, but rather an American problem. It is time to appreciate that the label American does not reflect the actions of the government, nor the citizens walking, marching, or fighting on the streets of America. Within households, it is becoming difficult to identify the American.

Perhaps we should not be despairing that the appellation American is not particularly reflective of who we are. We may have to be satisfied with geographical titles such as North American, South American and even Central American.

Every day we are reminded of the lack of historical continuity, and the comfort of “used to be.” Every day we marvel at how little elected representative of all stripes perform their American duties. We now must wait until two elections in Georgia allow the congress to go to work. We usually waited for peaches in Georgia to ripen, but now we are asked to contribute millions of dollars to possibly generate novel activity in Washington.

America’s national security, economic progress, individual security and pandemic elimination is the province of attorneys, judges, and exhausted poll workers counting the legitimacy of millions of ballots.

We look forward to a day in January 2021 to bring some respite. January 2021 will allow a national exhale. But what happens to the millions of citizens who supported the President. Sincere Americans who vow to “fight to the death”, to forestall a fraudulent election. Scattered violence is afoot, and likely foretells more as January, 2021 arrives.

Okay, what about the good news. The best is yet to come. Americans will realize that such a creature does not exist. Perhaps never existed, absent the demands of war. Americans will come to appreciate that we have always been a fragile population. A nation, with feet of clay, like many other nations. A nation where ignorance and indulgence have been systemic diseases. Can a nation suffer a ‘mid-life’ crisis? Can a nation acknowledge that diversity of ethnicity, religion, race, sex, economic and educational circumstances requires accommodations that do not come so easy. It should not be surprising that every poll taken regardless of the content never register 100% for one position. Never!! One hundred percent is not possible, nor should it be.

Each person has a moment, or perhaps many moments when one assesses their behavior, opinions, aspirations, and relationships. Sometimes that assessment is prompted by a significant life event, or perhaps by a friend, relative or professional. Sort of a personal poll, and as with all other polls, the consensus is elusive. But, there are those moments, when the beginnings of change take root. As with any substantial change, the transition if fraught with angst, and error. Time does not make for the change. You do the changing, and often with the assistance of others. You can name the others. You know the others. They are not Republicans or Democrats nor Americans.



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