What is Forever?

The Congressman said, and the Governors, and Mayors agreed that we cannot stay closed forever. The conference had representatives of both parties, Christians, Jews, Moslems, indigenous types, and several popular colors. Gentleman (no woman present), can we agree that “we cannot stay closed down forever”? With that declaration every hand went sky high. The consensus was heartfelt. The glee was palpable. Their eyes glistened with joy, smiles revealed full sets of white teeth, and their bodies reflected the power of matadors. No way would we to stay closed forever.

But forever. Whoever suggested that the entire nation should be closed down forever. Such a long time. Why forever? Reminds me of when I was arguing with a friend, and we were raising the bet – I would raise the bet to ‘infinity’. That was it. I would hold forth until ‘infinity’. At 9 years of age, infinity was forever, or visa versa. Whoever said ‘infinity’ first was the champion.

If we stayed closed down forever, what would we avoid? What good would closing down forever bring us.

Death. Could we avoid Death? If we closed down forever, wore masks, gloves, washed our hands, cleaned services, stayed 6 feet apart we could live. How long – forever.

Forget it. We are not going to close down forever. That is silly, childish. We will open. We will open now and take our chances. I heard one expert say that only one-tenth of one percent of persons diagnosed with active Covid 19 died. Even if 320 million persons got Covid, only 320 thousand would die. Not bad odds. That’s much less than infinity.

Tom Golden, 2020



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