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  Talk To Me gives you 38 years of professional experience in the human services.

Talk To Me offers you a prompt response for your needs.

Talk To Me eliminates the need to wait days for a office appointment.

Talk To Me will help with solutions, alternatives, and information that can lessen if not eliminate your anxiety and concerns.
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  From the moment you enter the site, all of your responses and data are encoded. Confidentiality is guaranteed with computer entries as well as telephone contact.
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  Telephone consultation has been in use for several years, throughout the world, and by millions of persons. Privacy, convenience, and anonymity are several of the features of telephone consultation. For many persons it is easier to speak frankly when not being seen. Telephone consultation offers appointment times that are better suited to persons life schedules.

I also offer communication through Skype telephone and Skype Web Cam. Skype is free between Skype users. For more information on Skype, click here.