The Chant

We watched the monitors. I just finished my third cup of coffee. Almost 8pm. I could not stand the suspense. I got a call from the show producer. He wondered if there was any news. He was ready to go with our copy about the Squad. I knew the commentators were seated in the Studio D. Tonight we had six of our best. They were primed for the “send her back”.

I told the producer to be patient, and I would call. Just then the President entered the stadium. The crowd went crazy. I quickly opened the screens to see our commentators. They were just describing the cheering crowd, the signs, the music.
The President began his speech. The crowd was silent. He began to talk about the media and their lies. He then spoke of the difference between cities and the rest of the country.

When will he start on the ‘Squad’? Any comment about the ‘Squad’ would get them going.  Our television commentators kept repeating descriptions of the crowd. Was the crowd ready for a chant? I softly mumbled, ‘please start the chant, please.’ My assistant director heard me, and she smiled, and said, “I’m a nervous wreck – what is he waiting for? ”.

Just then someone in the crowd shouted, “lock her up – lock her up.” Immediately the crowd joined in, and all 10 thousand voices were screaming “lock her up.”

Why that chant about Hillary? One of my staff said that moments ago, the President mentioned Hillary’s name. Perhaps that started it.

My show producer called and shouted what was he to do? What to tell the commentators? Perhaps the ‘send her back’ would come later. But what to do now. What a mess. The commentators silently listened to the President’s speech. Every so often they commented on this repetition, and fact-less talk.

At the last commercial break, the lead commentator called me, and asked what to do. I told her to do her job. I cannot start the desired chant. I would if I was in the audience. What the hell was I to do? What a waste!

Tom Golden, 2019



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